Facebook Video Chat 2

This little utility adds video capability to basic chat services

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    Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE

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Facebook Video Chat is a plugin that gives Facebook users the power to audio and video chat through the popular social networking service. Facebook is the premier destination for all things social networking, and many people have found it difficult to enjoy a satisfactory experience through their existing system. This plugin originally gave Facebook users something they didn't have at the time: The power to enjoy webcam and audio experiences on Facebook.

When using Facebook Video Chat, you'll be greeted with four icons. You can choose from webcam, microphone, games, or smiley icons. These are incorporated directly into your Facebook Chat window. It makes it very simple to use the program.

There are major problems with the Facebook Video Chat software, too, though. You'll find that it immediately attempts to install the dreaded Babylon toolbar. This nuisance has been inspiring venom from web users everywhere for ages. The program also makes Babylon a default web browser, which most web users view as browser hijacking. Many potential users of Facebook Video Chat will find this type of behavior from even free software to be inexcusable.

Webcam and chat options are easy to use because they're built right into the Facebook Chat window. Games will open up another window that puts you in touch with simple board games like chess. There really aren't enough games to choose from to make this more than a neat little add-on, and better versions of these games are available virtually anywhere else. Most users will find that Facebook Video Chat software is today obsolete because of all the other programs out there that install easier, operate more smoothly, and don't include the addition of nasty hijackers or spyware.


- Enhances Facebook Chat somewhat

- Gives you an alternative to more sophisticated programs that might be harder to use for novice users

- Fairly stable


- Installs the notorious Babylon browser to your desktop and brings on a host of troublesome issues like a homepage switch to the Babylon homepage

- Doesn't install independently but must be plugged into the browser itself, making it a risk to install to some users

- The emoticon icon isn't going to lead you to emoticons. Instead, you get a single emotion option. It's a lone smiley face that is as generic as it gets.

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